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    Post  Tom on Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:59 pm

    Well I was planning to,
    Quit all rsps
    Quit Sterling
    Study Java daily
    Make a 10293% Better server
    Play Runescape and not bot
    Learn HTML
    Learn MYSQL

    So.. You're probably asking why am I posting here?

    Anthony has got broadband available to him for the up coming months. (Well he had a top-up usb before)

    This opens opportunitys for me and Sterling.

    For example.. As Anthony is going to be hosting I can start a new project from a basic clean source.
    This allows me to actually test everything while keeping sterling up, this allowes all testing for sterling in future
    to done without turning the server of.

    Anthony will be currently fixing the 14 custom ranks I added.. (A simple space too many Just need to find it).

    Such as:

    Super Donator
    Hidden Mod
    Head Mod
    Hidden Admin
    Head Admin
    Hidden Co
    Hidden Owner

    Once he has fixed that, I will be adding a Summoning Orb and a right(Or left :s) click buttom on it.

    After that.. the new client will be released.
    I will then fix summoning as it bugs in the wilderness.

    Then the new server begains.. I will probably be doing it for a couple of months..

    If you want to see something in the new client.. Please post and I will add it, only if it's not something stupid.

    Also.. When Anthony no longer has access to the broadband he is using now.. I will host if we are doing good and I've
    finished the new server.



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    Post  Guest on Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:15 pm

    Well its nice your back and haven't just left Anthony on his own But the idea of Hidden Admins and Hidden Mods? Doesn't that just spoil it all? Makes normal Admins jobs pointless if the hidden ones are catching everyone out?

    Hmm For me its not a good idea, But I doubt you'll take my thoughts into Account.


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    Post  Brandon on Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:31 pm

    Hidden admins and hidden mods are for the purpose of making sure people are playing the game propperly because if you've got a admin crown, they know the consiquences so they wont do it. But if you're hidden and see them doing it, they'll be punished.

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