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    Tom's Botting Services.


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    Tom's Botting Services. Empty Tom's Botting Services.

    Post  Tom on Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:37 am

    Hello there guys, I'm starting up a botting services. It's not really for gaining experience but it's for gaining rsgp.

    I'm going to start botting a lot so I thought I'd see if anyone wanted in on this.

    Full rune
    Be A Member
    10+ Glories(more does help)

    I will be making around 300-500k p/h on your account(s) and I will be asking for 75% profit made.
    You will also have to lend me your account in periods of at least 24h. Then if I made 10m let's say.. I'd take 7.5m
    and you keep the 2.5m for yourself. If you ever try and change your password and scam me, You will be banned on the forums,
    hostbanned in-game and you will have a few nice things on your computer. Don't test me.

    Account Spaces available:
    1# My Dung bot

    The script isn't used a lot and it's very low ban rate. I wouldn't suggest you to do this if you have never botted on your
    account before as what would the point be starting now.

    Will add more information and make this look a bit better in the future. Just a tad tired now.

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    Tom's Botting Services. NoMonsterinEre
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    Tom's Botting Services. Empty Re: Tom's Botting Services.

    Post  Brandon on Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:06 am

    Good job tom, i'll do it when i get member on my level 3, ima start training it. x)

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